Welcome to FreshEarsClassics! Thanks for finding your way to a place where we can share fresh thoughts on all things classical music!

Welcome to this wonderful brainchild of mine. Here I want to share my thoughts on concerts, operas and generally all things and news in classical music that come my way.
I have been a passionate listener of classical music for many years, but always felt that I wanted to express my own thoughts on opera productions and concert interpretations. Why did the conductor allow that rubato there, by did the director place this character in that place?
Everything will be published in English and German.

I will start out with live reviews of concerts/ opera productions that I have seen, followed most likely by recording reviews and maybe (big project!) a guide to listening to classical music designed specifically for people my age, so that we keep having a diverse group of people in concert!

Come in, share your thoughts on reviews, productions or concerts in comments or emails to freshearsclassics@gmail.com or on facebook to @freshearsclassics!

I am looking forward to hearing from you! Let the music begin 🙂


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